I am a security passionate. I like security since the moment I began my university degree. I have been working as security researcher, consultant and web application pentester during my professional career. Nowadays I work as Security Engineer and Web Application Pentester for the company IBM.

CEH, SPSE, CISA, CISM, IRCA LA 27001, ISTQBf, ITIL-f and FCE demonstate my continuous commitment with being in the security edge. I want to be better in security day by day.

OWASP ’15, Cybercamp ’15, Expo QA ’14, VLC-Testing ’14 and ’15, After Test, Test Academy, Expert Witnessing mentor, etc. have been some of the conferences and events I have been giving talks in. Each talk or Master Class is a new challenge!

Just one driver: Never miss a chance to learn!

If you want to know more about my passion, please visit my LinkedIn profile accessible through the bottom of this page.