My experience in Eurostar 2016 and my presentation slides

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 17.49.51.pngThere has been a while since I was in EuroStar 2016. They are now preparing the new edition which will be held in Copenhagen next year. Honestly, I have found difficult to spare sometime and write about my experience in the most important QA conference in Europe. But the moment has finally arrived!.

I was attending the event representing IBM with my conference “Abuse Cases: from scratch to the hack“.  The astonishing Stokholmsmassan received me with a warm entry as it was snowing outside. After signing up and take a look at the conference room I went to the Testing exhibition which was surprisingly huge!.

I talked after Declan O’Riordan which was awarded with the best technical paper award so, tough job!. Brilliant presentation by Declan on Interactive Application Security Testing. I will tell you how it works when I have some time to put it in place ;). The room was almost full, joining around 80 people ready to hear how to look after the Application Business Logic from a security perspective. There we go!. The fact that was my first conference in english did it quite difficult, but as it was a conference I had already given in some other events, I had the feeling of being quite comfortable. I enjoyed a lot during the talk and, considering the reactions on the people who attended, the most of them did it as well. The feedback received was really appreciated, the good things and as well and especially the not as good ones as they make you better.

I had support always I needed so I want to thank you the committee once more for selecting me and giving me the chance to be there. Excellent organisation An incredible experience where I could share my passion on security with a lot of people and meet new testing passionates.

I want to thank you as well to IBM, Sopra Group and Firma-e, excellent companies in which I have had the huge pleasure to work in.

You can access my presentation in slideshare here.

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