SPSE Securitytube Python Scripting Expert Exam

Hello all,

Welcome to the Securitytube Python Scripting Expert Course and Certification… If you have enrolled into the course, these words should sound like music in your head :).

I took yesterday the exam and I want to write down here my feelings and impressions on the experience.

A 6 hours exam is definitely not the most relaxing moment of your live. I slept for 12 hours the night before, woke up, strong breakfast, a 30 minutes walk to got up my mind and… there we go!.

4 full virtual desks opened. One with sublime and terminator to develop the scripts in linux, another one with windows XP, Immunity debugger and some pyhooks already opened, the third one with a kali linux and a bash shell directly pointing to the ruby scripts folder for generating and check string patterns (pattern_create.rb and pattern_offset.rb), and finally the last one with a metasploitable machine such a case something involving opened ports, other services or testing over DVWA, Mutillidae and so on… Everything ready… mmmm, no!, A coke beside me… ok, now.

I started 1 hour before the exam reviewing my code because I wanted to start the exam in the highest concentration peak and it worked fine for me. Just received the exam by e-mail, half an hour before the scheduled, and 4 questions on it… Hands on!

Even though I don’t know the results, I think if you have gone through all the course, code all the practices with Vivek and performed the suggested exercises, you shouldn’t be worried about the exam. I had ready 3 on 4 exercises after 1 hour.

After 3 and a half hours trying the last one I decided to give up. I am not going to unveil any exercise in the exam but I will tell you to dig in how to recover and to manage “Handle” windows object from the stack.

If you have any question, just post a comment and I will be back to you.


3 thoughts on “SPSE Securitytube Python Scripting Expert Exam

  1. John says:

    Hi Miguel,
    Thanx for your reviews and opinion. Even I agree to it. Can you plz provide some descriptive information regarding the exam of SPSE. How much the actual exam questions differ from mock exam ones in the last video? How much intense are they? How the pass/fail was decided? Do they only accept complete & successfully running scripts and decide pass/fail just by running the scripts or thoroughly and manually analyze the code, look for the approach taken then decide something? Does they follow pattern of 1 question from each module pattern or it is not necessary?
    Are their question focussed on some specific module?
    Finally, it would be a great favour if you could post the questions that were asked.


    1. plusplussecurity says:

      Hi John,

      Appologies for my later response. The questions I found in the exam were actually easier than the mocked exam itself. If you have gone through all the modules and made the exercises you can find out the answer among your exercises. Due to this, I won’t post here the questions. They only accept running scripts so ensure the yours are properly running before submitting them. My Exam had only 4 questions and you needed 2 to get the pass. I think this is all you should know, if you have gone through the exercises and follow all the videos, don’t be afraid, give you the opportunity to defeat it.



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