SPSE; my opinion

Once I have received my Certification of the SPSE (Securitytube Python Scripting Expert) course, I want to write down my view in here.

I am going to divide this analysis taking into account the libraries and sessions selection, the quality of the materials provided, the balance between what is given and what is demanded from the student perspective and an overall qualification of the course.

If you are looking for a course on how to use python for pentesting, I am quite sure you have already found SPSE. The course of the talented Indian Vivek Ramachandran covers a gap in the market which is most than interesting. It is a course with its advantages and drawbacks so it would be convenient you to know what you are going to find.

We are going to start talking on the sessions selection. This chapter of the course is the most outstanding and one of the most important features of a course. You will learn since the most basic staff of the language to reversing scripts attaching Pycommands to Immunity debugger and automation using pexpect. In between you will be an active part in the development of several scripts treating aspects as multithreading, multiprocessing, network sniffing and packet injection, web services, web crawling, and much much more interesting topics. Maybe one of the most important libraries I miss is “requests” which is a really important and practical library nowadays.

On the materials provided I can’t say they are good. I would say they are enough but this part of the course can be clearly improved. You will find an old fashion student forum with really close to owl participation, crossed links between the sections, sometimes you are looking for the section 7.3 and you find section 8.1 or the other way around… There are some isolated parts of the sessions requiring an urgent update, for example msfpayload was replaced by msfvenom long time ago. Personally I don’t like the way the videos were recorded, they are too informal in my opinion, even the phone rings in one of the sessions…

If we focus on the course balance, for me it is not good neither. I have invested sometimes 6 hours in one and only exercise which is too much taking into account the video of that part was 15 minutes. Vivek would ask you to go through more than one exercise for each video sometimes. Luckily this is not always this way but do not expect something easy, it isn’t.

As an overall perception, it depends on how much time you can spare, you will need probably more than you expected before the start. If you don’t mind informal materials, the content of the course is quite good but you will suffer a lack of resources because the student forum is quite pointless. The six hours exam adds an extra value to this course demonstrating that the student not only have the concepts but the skills. If you have any question regarding the course, do not doubt in leaving a comment in this post, I will tell you honestly my opinion.

I will publish another post to inform on the availability of all my scripts through my Github.


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